Is this what you really meant to say?

Offending your readers is a way of getting them to pay attention. But make sure you are offending on purpose, with purpose, and not inadvertently.  For instance, this grocery store chain should offer menstruating, irrational, hormonal women REAL chocolate for free, not some pseudo-healthy, overpriced imposter. Angry and offended bleeders will tear down the store searching for a chocolate in a shiny foil wrapper that has adorable advice and a pep talk printed on the inside. Also, raspberry was a poor choice for the featured package, right?


I do not think that word means what you think it means

Saw this sign today and was initially excited by the possibility of a Complete Cookie. And then was deflated to see that "complete" was actually defined by all the things that this cookie is not. I support a vegan, possibly joyless cookie, sure, but this is a tragic misuse of a description. Maybe call it an incomplete cookie...or a cracker with date juice. But don't mislead your reader, you'll only cause resentment and maybe even sorrow. Or hanger.